Delegate Information

Delegates Selected at County Conventions

Delegates are elected at County/Township Conventions. The only individuals allowed to register as a delegate to the ILGOP 2020 State Convention are those elected and submitted by your County or Township Chairman. 


The number of delegates allotted to each County/Township depends on the number of Republican votes cast in that county in the 2020 Primary Election. One floor delegate will be awarded for each 500 GOP ballots cast in a county.


Delegate/Alternates must pay a $50 entry fee.

Delegates elected and submitted by your County or Township Chairman will be sent a personal registration link.

At-Large Delegates

At-Large Delegates and At-Large Alternate Delegates are selected by the Delegate Selection Committee. You must apply for the position.

At-Large Delegates/Alternates must pay a $50 entry fee.

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