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Welcome - you have arrived at the one stop shop to maximize your impact in the upcoming election in November. The only way to defeat the corrupt Pritzker-Madigan machine in Springfield and the socialist friendly Nancy Pelosi in DC is to keep the seats we have and to eat into their majorities by defeating Democrat office holders. The candidates within the Races to Watch program represent the most competitive contests in the state - both challengers who have a good chance to knock off a Democrat and incumbent Republicans who face a well funded opponent in a swing district. The following are the Races to Watch in the Chicago & Collar Counties region.

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Jim Oberweis

Challenger, IL-14th Congressional

Jim is a successful entrepreneur, family man, and common sense conservative.  Over the course of his four-decade career as a small businessman, he’s helped create thousands of jobs in Illinois. Help him defeat Lauren Underwood and take back the IL-14th! See his district HERE.

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Vote NO on Justice Kilbride

IL Supreme Court Judicial Retention

Madigan controls the IL Supreme Court by a 4-3 margin. Madigan pawn Justice Thomas Kilbride represents a judicial district won by Trump in 2016. He needs 60% of the vote for retention and another 10 years on the bench. Help us defeat him! See the 3rd Judicial District HERE.


Mark Batinick

Incumbent, 97th State Rep.

A small business owner, Mark is a recognized reformer and champion of individual liberty. He is also the Floor Leader for the House Republican Caucus. In 2018, he won a tough suburban seat by just 1.4%. Democrats are coming after him again and he needs your help! See his district HERE.


Grant Wehrli

Incumbent, 41st State Rep.

A commercial pilot, Grant is a conservative outsider, experienced public servant and a youth sports coach. His agenda is to protect taxpayers in his community. In 2018, he won a tough suburban seat by just 4%. Democrats are coming after him again and he needs your help! See his district HERE.

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Deanne Mazzochi

Incumbent, 47th State Rep.

Deanne is a fierce taxpayer advocate, former local official, and corporate attorney. She is a suburban mom trying to create a better future for her children and yours. In 2018, she won a tough open suburban seat by just 3%. Democrats are coming after her and she needs your help! See her district HERE. 


Dan Ugaste

Incumbent, 65th State Rep.

A common-sense conservative, Dan has been a thorn in Madigan’s side since being elected in 2018. He won a tough suburban seat by just over 4% that year. Democrats are coming after him and he needs your help! See his district HERE. 

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Tom Morrison

Incumbent, 54th State Rep.

As one of two Republican representatives with districts entirely in Cook County, Tom is on the front lines of fighting the progressive left. He is an entrepreneur, former 5th grade school teacher and recognized tax fighter. In 2018, he won a tough Cook County seat by just 43 total votes out of 45,000 votes cast. Democrats are coming after him again and he needs your help! See his District HERE.


Brad Stephens

Incumbent, 20th State Rep.

Brad is recognized as one of the best mayors in the state, building Rosemont into an entertainment, sports, and hospitality hub of the Chicagoland area. He is the only Republican whose district includes the City of Chicago so it’s no surprise the Madigan Machine is after him in 2020 - his first re-election campaign. He needs your help! See his district HERE


Chris Bos

Challenger, 51st State Rep.

Chris Bos is stepping up to take on liberal Mary Eddly-Allen in the 51st House District. He is a father, local pastor, and concerned taxpayer fighting to save Illinois. He needs your help in this seat that was taken from Republicans in 2018 by just 0.8%! See his district HERE.


Seth Lewis

Challenger, 45th State Rep.

Seth is a small business owner and community leader. He is a common sense, working class conservative ready to beat Diane Pappas in the 45th District in suburban DuPage County. He needs your help to make it happen!


Jeanette Ward

Open Seat, 25th State Senate

Jeanette Ward is a constitutional conservative battling liberal State Rep. Karina Villa for the 25th State Senate seat. She is a mother, trained chemist, and taxpayer champion fighting to save Illinois. She needs your help in this seat currently held by Republican Jim Oberweis! See her district HERE.