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Welcome - you have arrived at the one stop shop to maximize your impact in the upcoming election in November. The only way to defeat the corrupt Pritzker-Madigan machine in Springfield and the socialist friendly Nancy Pelosi in DC is to keep the seats we have and to eat into their majorities by defeating Democrat incumbents. The candidates within the Races to Watch program represent the most competitive contests in the state - both challengers who have a good chance to knock off a Democrat and incumbent Republicans who face a well funded opponent in a swing district. The following are the Races to Watch in the Southern Illinois region.

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David Friess

Challenger, 116th State Rep.

David Friess is standing up to the Madigan Machine and taking on Nathan Reitz in the 116th District. David is pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-God. And as an Air Force combat veteran, he isn’t afraid of a fight. He needs your help in this district that went for Trump by +30% in 2016! See his district HERE

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Amy Elik

Challenger, 111th District

Amy Elik is stepping up to take on Madigan lackey Monica Bristow in the 111th district. She is a gun-loving, God-fearing mother of two, who will use her experience as a CPA to fight for taxpayers. She needs your help in this seat that Republicans lost by just over 300 votes in 2018! See her district HERE.


Lisa Ciampoli

Challenger, 112th District

Lisa Ciampoli is stepping up to take on Madigan pawn Katie Stuart in the 112th district. Lisa is a medical professional and respected taxpayer advocate as a former member of the Madison County board. She needs your help in this seat that Stuart took from Republicans by just 3% in 2016! See her district HERE.


David Overstreet

Incumbent, IL Supreme Court

Democrats are coming after Justice David Overstreet - a Christian family-man, and constitutional conservative upholding our values. Millions of dollars are flooding in from trial lawyers to prop up his opponent. Help him fend off the loony left! See his 5th Judicial district HERE.